05 Apr

March 21, 2015: 10 years of Banyuaiki Dojo!

The academic year 2015-2016 is a very important year for our dojo. This year, in fact, marks the tenth anniversary of the founding of our school!

On March 23, a special medal was awarded to the longest standing members of our association, followed by a dinner at a Japanese restaurant.

Celebrations shall include a demonstration by the adult and children classes, followed by a party with refreshments. The date and place will be published shortly. Also, special seminars with Senseis who are particularly close to the dojo, will be held during the year.

Stay tuned for the details.

31 Dec

The “Aikido for Kids” Special Program

smom_delegazione_roma_nando_perettiThe Sovereign Military Order of Malta created two care facilities in the 12th Municipality of Rome, thanks to the invaluable funding of the Nando Peretti Foundation: the “Centro Nando Peretti Fonte Meravigliosa” and the “Center Nando Peretti Laurentino 38”, through the work of the volunteer Knights and Dames of the Delegation of Rome.
This is in line with its guiding principles, which are the defense of the faith and service to the poor and the suffering. The activities are carried out by implementing the principle of charity, not only with the distribution of food parcels and clothing but also trying to find solutions to everyday problems of the needy.
Among the objectives of the Dames and Knights of the Order there is also the attempt to engage young people in cultural activities, sports and recreation in order to take them away from the streets, reducing exposure to risks related to crime, violence, use of drugs and other destructive behavior.
Aikido addresses admirably this task: it is immediately perceived by kids as a fun and interesting activity, and at the same time is a vehicle of moral and ethical values very much in line with those of the Order.
The “Aikido for Kids” special Program proposed by the “Associazione Culturale Aikido Banyuaiki Dojo Roma”, consists of an Aikido course for 15 boys and girls from 11 to 14 years of age. The use of Aikido as a means of prevention of social problems in young people has been documented among other things in the book edited by Roberto Travaglini “I processi formativi dell’aikidō – Sguardi su dinamiche e potenzialità” ed. ETS.
This is a one-year course at the Parish of St. Joan Antida Thouret. It is completely free, and will be held on Wednesdays from 17.00 to 18.00 .
The children receive clothing for practice , membership to Italian Aikikai Federation which includes insurance, and will be followed by the Chief Instructor (Marco La Pera ) and an assistant instructor (David Mancinelli).

fondazione_nando_perettiThis project was entirely financed by the Nando Peretti Foundation. It ended in December 2014.

Download the brochure 2014 [pdf].