30 Mar

Ciao Elsa (eng)

Elsa Peretti (photo by Carola Polakov)

Aikido Banyuaiki Dojo wishes to express deepest sorrow for Elsa Peretti’s passing on March 18th 2021. She will be remembered by us with the highest esteem and affection as a woman of extraordinary generosity, philanthropist, and world-famous designer.

The Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation, which she founded, awarded a grant to our Association in 2014 for a project called “Aikido for kids”, which provided for a one-year aikido course completely free for young people who lived in one of the most difficult neighborhoods of Rome, as a way to alleviate social distress.

Her example as a free, strong and brave person is a legacy that shall inspire us forever.

Thank you Elsa!

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